Team Building Events in Aberdeen

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 Team Building Events in Aberdeen

Having worked offshore for many years, Stuart our Director, knows Aberdeen is a fantastic location in Scotland for any sort of team building programme, team awayday or corporate event that you may wish to participate in. Aberdeen is situated in an enviable position having the best of both worlds when it comes to scenic beauty and corporate commercial activity.

In todays modern business world communication skills, leadership skills, self motivation, problem solving and teamworking are critical personal skill-sets that every business requires in order to thrive. This is the case with many of the businesses that we run team building events for in Aberdeen each year. This has allowed Aberdeen to become not only a regional financial centre but also an international financial centre. The training programmes that we run each year allow participants to develop these skills so that general productivity, motivation and profitability of the organisation are increased.

Fire Events has a wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise when it comes to designing, creating and implementing teambuilding courses, team awaydays, management development programs and corporate events around the UK. We were established in 1998 as a corporate development training company with our background being firmly rooted in the adventurous outdoor world. The team building events that we have run around the UK since our incorporation have included events as diverse as family fun days, team away days, icebreaker exercises, conference energisers. through to large sponsored charity events.

Who we have worked with in Aberdeen

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About Aberdeen

Aberdeen is quintessentially a northern, a maritime city with a story going back to its foundations as a royal burgh in 1124. In olden times, the city had strong trading links with Scandinavia and the Low Countries across the North Sea. Then its maritime story moves on to the building of fast clipper-ships, to take tea home from India. These days, the North Sea traders and merchants take the form of oil executives, or even eager shoppers from the Scandinavian rim. Aberdeen offers a diverse experience, and an important piece in the jigsaw of Scotland’s culture.

Great Venues that we use in Aberdeen

Ardoe House Hotel

Macdonald Norwood Hall Hotel