Flat Pack!

Smashing goals with a paradigm shift....

What does it feel like to really work as a high performing team?

Can a true team do something in seconds when it seems to need an hour?

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the efforts from you and your team this weekend. I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from the clients.”
Felicity Patterson

  • Suitable for all abilities

    We strive to make all of our events inclusive.

  • Multiples of 16 delegates

    This activity works best if there are 16 in each group. An extra few people can be observers if necessary.

  • Facilitated options

    Embedding the learning into the workplace is key; we can facilitate meaningful and sustained change where appropriate.

  • 120 - 180 minutes

    Running short on time? We can adjust our challenges to suit the time available.

Pricing Structure*

Additional Delegates


Per extra delegate
  • multiples of 16 people people
  • 2 - 3 hour session
  • Great for larger teams

Bespoke Branding


Per extra admin day plus items at cost
  • Pop up banners
  • Delegate takeaways
  • Re-inforce ethos and vision
Investigate options

Team Building Activity Features and Benefits


Activity Summary

Perpetual motion... wouldn’t that be great?
The concept is phenomenal; something we can only dream of!
This challenge will see your team create a piece of wizardry in the form of a perpetual motion chain reaction, starting with an energy form that transforms as it goes to create a final explosive finale.

Activity Features

Chain Reaction has an uncanny knack of making separations blur. Small groups merge. Gradually the silos break down, barriers often melt away.


Multiple Teams / multiple bases.

Helps teams to achieve what seems impossible!

Puts marginal gains into action


Activity Benefits

The groups evolve to become a cohesive band.
The sum is definitely greater than the parts - teams are often astonished at what they achieve when they work together.


Planning and delegation.

Clear and effective work flows.

Identify leadership potential.

Problem solve as a team.

Where can this Activity be run?

Inside or outside.

Lawns, carpark or tennis courts.

Conference & meeting rooms.

Most venues can accomodate it - the larger the space the better.


*The small print...
(that's actually quite large because we don't want you to miss it...)

The above prices do not include VAT, Mileage, expenses, hotel or venue costs....

Mileage is charged for at 45 pence per mile (from our base in Ilkley)
For morning events (9am start or earlier) where our journey is over 2 hours then hotel accommodation the night before would be required as this allows our team to arrive at the venue the day beforehand and set up all in good time for your event.
Likewise, where we have a return journey of more than 2 hours with an evening (or late afternoon) event finish then hotel accommodation for our team would also be required.
This accommodation cost would be chargeable at cost.
The main hotel or venue costs for your event are charged for either on a day or 24 hour delegate rate.

We can help you source a great venue that works for you and your teams.

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Team Away-Days and Team Building Events cleverly designed to bring your teams together - to achieve more, learn about each other, and to have fun...

"I’ve worked with these guys since my days at HBOS, then Lloyds and now at Ensek. They really know what they’re doing. Hire them, use them, get to know them ­and let them know your teams – you’ll not be disappointed"

Mark Wright,
COO, Ensek Ltd