Need a conference with a difference? One that promotes personal #wellbeing whilst still upholding your vision, strategy and culture?

>> through the delivery of dynamic and innovative team building events, experiential learning experiences and adventurous outdoor challenges.


Developing your people and teams to uplift morale, increase productivity and promote personal #wellbeing

>> through the delivery of dynamic and innovative team building events, team away days, experiential learning experiences and adventurous outdoor challenges.

>> and with twenty years of developing people and building teams through inspirational and motivational team building events, team away days, facilitated workshops and wellbeing retreats...
...we've got the passion, the skills and your back.
Trust us....

“Can I just say a huge thank you to everyone from Fire Events for putting on a brilliant workshop.  I recognise the effort that went in to the day and all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.”

Learning & Development Department,
Skipton Building Society.


>> working with you, your people, your teams and your strategy to improve team effectiveness and productivity whilst highlighting team harmony, trust, open-ness and honesty.

After three tough years how are you tackling the well-being of your people?
#wellbeing #mentalhealth #backtowhatmatters

Indoor, outdoor or adventure? More formal learning or just pure fun?

No matter what your preference or team needs, here are some options for planning your next Team Away Day, Team Building Event or maybe a Wellbeing retreat...

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    "The best team away day we’ve been on! It really made me stop and think about who the hell is in my team. The resourcefulness of everyone was incredible – even the rain couldn’t stop us – in fact it added to the testing nature of the day!”
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    "I’ve worked with these guys since my days at HBOS, then Lloyds and now at Ensek. They really know what they’re doing. Hire them, use them, get to know them ­and let them know your teams – you’ll not be disappointed"

    Mark Wright,
    Ensek, Nottingham

    Considerations when planning your team event...




    When... you want a team event?

    will it be for?

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    are you thinking of doing something?

    • Why?

      Need some time out, to have fun, to get to know each other and to feel energised? (If you aim to have a learning outcome, explore our Facilitated Team Building Events)

    • Who?

      Work out exactly who is attending and link this to your 'Why'. Half or full day, indoors, outdoors or more adventurous. It's your choice and needs to fit with the team.

    • Where?

      City centre or country house hotels, training centres to small boutique country pubs on the South Downs. There will always be the perfect venue to suit your team, your aims and your budget

    • When?

      Synchronise your diaries! Q1 or Q4? Half or full day? Evening? Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?

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    Trust us to create an event that works for you.


    Want to engage with us?
    Trust us and we'll create an event that works for you.

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      > From the comforts of the hotel meeting room to the wide open spaces of the countryside.

      > What does your team need after three very uncertain years?
      #wellbeing #mentalhealth #backtowhatmatters



      Delivering Team Away-Days & Team Building Events nationwide since 2002...




      Happy people equal motivated and productive teams

      Team Building Events designed to challenge your teams and make them perform better...

      "Thank you for pulling together such a brilliant away day...
      the New Forest Challenge was a resounding success!"

      Claire Owen,
      StopGap, London


      'The cave really is dark, the water really is cold, the distances between comfort breaks are long, arduous and real.'

      Simon Gwynne,
      Lloyds Banking Group, London

      The Decision Wheel Challenge,
      Three Peaks area,
      Yorkshire Dales National Park


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