Chain Reaction

Teams working seamlessly together....

“This is a challenge for those teams that want to break down barriers and highlight the benefits of cross functional working.”

  • Suitable for all abilities

    We strive to make all of our events all inclusive - after all you are a team aren't you?

  • 18 to 120 delegates

    If you only have a small team then maybe this challenge isn't for you...More than our max numbers and you might need to call us.

  • Facilitated options

    Taking any learning back to the workplace is key and so all of our team events can be adapted to allow for full facilitation to gain a greater insight into your team.

  • 90 - 180 minutes

    Running short on time? We can adapt and adjust all of our challenges to suit the time available - but be warned; too little time and your goals might be missed.


Activity Summary

Perpetual motion... wouldn’t that be great.
The concept is phenomenal; something we can only dream of!
This team challenge will see your teams create a piece of technological wizardry in the form of a perpetual motion chain reaction starting with a unique energy form that transforms as it goes to create a final explosive finale.

Activity Features

Chain Reaction has an uncanny knack of making separations blur. Small groups merge. Gradually the silos break down, barriers often melt away.


Multiple Teams / multiple bases.

Single energy source as the start!

Transfer and transformation of this energy through the team bases.

Grande finale!


Activity Benefits

The groups evolve to become a cohesive band.
The sum is definitely greater than the parts - teams are often astonished at what they achieve when they work together.


Planning and delegation.

Clear and effective work flows.

Identify leadership potential.

Problem solve as a team.

Where can this Activity be run?

Inside or outside.

Lawns, carpark or tennis courts.

Conference & meeting rooms.

Most venues can accomodate it - the larger the space the better.


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