Make a £Million!

Team & Project Management at its finest....

“This team has made more progress in four hours on this activity than I think we have in an entire year of meetings - a brilliant event.”
John Cooper


  • Suitable for all abilities

    We strive to make all of our events all inclusive - after all you are a team aren't you?

  • 18 to 120 delegates

    If you only have a small team then maybe this challenge isn't for you...More than our max numbers and you might need to call us.

  • Facilitated options

    Taking any learning back to the workplace is key and so all of our team events can be adapted to allow for full facilitation to gain a greater insight into your team.

  • 90 - 180 minutes

    Running short on time? We can adapt and adjust all of our challenges to suit the time available - but be warned; too little time and your goals might be missed.


Activity Summary

A million quid in three hours! But how?
....By empowering your team to go the extra mile and commit to achieving the goal.
This fast paced team challenge utilises all the key skills that any great team possesses.

Activity Features

From people skills and delegation through to financial acumen, strategic direction and vision, this challenge will keep your team focussed and entertained for the entire duration of the challenge.


One team split down into smaller sub units.

SLT manages the task based around task/team/individual

Vast array of sub tasks for the team to attempt to earn their cash.


Activity Benefits

The groups evolve to become a cohesive band.
The sum is definitely greater than the parts - teams are often astonished at what they achieve when they work together.


Planning and delegation.

Clear and effective work flows.

Identify leadership potential.

Problem solve as a team.

Where can this Activity be run?

Inside or outside.

Lawns, carpark or tennis courts.

Conference & meeting rooms.

Most venues can accomodate it - the larger the space the better.


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