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Team building activity

Perfect as a creative conference energiser or as a standalone evening session
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Who are the creatives in your team?

You and your team have to create a catwalk fashion item out of the resources available.
25 minutes, 3 lettuces, tin foil, sticky tape, glitter and glue..... what will your team create?


The team building event was a great success. Everybody had a great time, and it has been spoken about greatly since our return, definitely going to recommend events with yourselves." 
Sally Cooke, Dechra.

  • Suitable for all abilities

    We strive to make all of our events inclusive.

  • 12 to 80 delegates

    A perfect energiser activity for your conference or as a standalone evening session

  • Facilitated options

    Embedding the learning into the workplace is key; we can facilitate meaningful and sustained change where appropriate.

  • 45 - 120 minutes

    Running short on time? We can adjust our challenges to suit the time available.

Pricing Structure*

Additional Delegates


Per extra delegate
  • 19 - 80 people
  • 45 - 120 minute session
  • Great for larger teams

Bespoke Branding


Per extra admin day plus items at cost
  • Pop up banners
  • Delegate takeaways
  • Re-inforce ethos and vision
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Team Building Activity Features and Benefits


Activity Summary

You and your team must design, create and model a catwalk fashion garment using the equipment provided. The catwalk must be accompanied by a full running commentary by one or more members of your team.

Activity Features

he garments and show that the teams put on are then judged on the following criteria; Artistic quality; Creativity and the commentary


Multiple Teams


Great team working

Grande finale!


Activity Benefits

This activity requires collaboration. Innovation and creativity means the whole team is included and necessary to get the job done - and speed and efficiency might just win the day.


Planning and delegation.

Clear and effective work flows.

Identify leadership potential.

Problem solve as a team.

Where can this Activity be run?


Conference rooms.

Conference & meeting rooms.

Most venues can accommodate it - even small break out spaces


*The small print...
(that's actually quite large because we don't want you to miss it...)

The above prices do not include VAT, Mileage, expenses, hotel or venue costs....
The details of which can be found here...

Mileage is charged for at 45 pence per mile (from our base in Ilkley)

For morning events (9am start or earlier) where our journey is over 2 hours then hotel accommodation the night before would be required as this allows our team to arrive at the venue the day beforehand and set up all in good time for your event.

Likewise, where we have a return journey of more than 2 hours with an evening (or late afternoon) event finish then hotel accommodation for our team would also be required.
This accommodation cost would be chargeable at cost.

The main hotel or venue costs for your event are charged for either on a day or 24 hour delegate rate.

We can help you source a great venue that works for you and your teams.

Featured Venue

Waterton Park Hotel, Wakefield

In the heart of Yorkshire, in a scenic valley of rolling parkland with its very own lake, Waterton Park is the perfect place to use as a base for sight-seeing, to come for business or to hold the perfect wedding reception.
Walton, Wakefield,
West Yorkshire,

Team Building Activities that work really well at this venue are...


When planning your Team Away-Day or Team Building Event please keep in mind the following points...




When... you want a team event?

will it be for?

do you want to have it?

are you thinking of doing something?

So you may be wondering what's the benefit of doing a Team Building Event or Team Away-Day with my team?


Motivated individuals achieve more.  Fact.
A truly motivated team achieves more. Fact.
So how do you increase motivation within your people and your teams? Creating a culture of thanks, respect, openness honesty and harmony Is fundamental to building and sustaining motivation within your teams.
Taking your team is away from the stresses of the workplace to give them the time and space to think and work in an experiential manner.


When a team is highly motivated and morale is high they can achieve anything.
Boosting morale can be as easy as a pat on the back, a certain look and a word of thanks so that your team feel respected, wanted, needed and have purpose.
When a single team member has low morale they can act as the bad apple and their sentiment can filter out to other team members if left and checked.
Regular team offsites have been proven to increase morale.


A highly motivated team with high morale and high energy is a wonderful place to be.
When energy levels are high there is a buzz amongst the team. Challenges becoming insignificant as teams tackle them, demolish them and eat them for breakfast.
An 'I’ve got your back' culture develops whereby team members look out for each other with morale and motivation on an ever increasing upward cycle.
Team such as this are truly on the path to high-performance.


Trust is absolutely fundamental to any relationship without in a team setting at work or on a personal level.
Trust comprises two elements integrity of the individual coupled with the skill set.
What is the trust like in your team and how can you measure it have you ever measured it? Does your view of trust differ from your colleagues?
By having a team away day you can openly discuss the trust issues or non-issues within your team so that everyone is singing off the same song sheet.


Whatever your task or the size of your team good leadership is essential. 
A good leader is many things, not least capable, resilient, trustworthy,  empathetic, motivational and inspirational.
They will balance the needs of the individuals against those of the team whilst not loosing sight of the task.
Do you know what the leadership capability within your team is? Have you ever questioned the leadership within your team?
Putting aside quality time to look at this is key.


What is resilience? Have you ever really truly looked into resilience and trying to understand exactly what it is?
Is it being tough? Is it finding new ways of doing things? Is it being creative? Is it just putting up with stuff?


Honesty is directly linked to the harmony within your team and honesty is also a fundamental component of trust.
Without trust your team has nothing but some workers who do their job and that's it. No high performance and no extra mile.
Are your team members and colleagues honest? What does honesty mean?
Yet again a team offsite will give you and your team members time and space to look at these intangibles critical to high-performance within any team.


What does harmony mean? How can you measure it? Have you ever measured it within your team? Can you identify it within your team?
These are tough questions you should be asking.
A team away day or team offsite will give your team the time and space to look at the harmony that exists within it and how it can impact the task the team and the individuals.


For team to be productive the team members need to be accountable for the work that is expected of them.
Without knowing your role and the task how can you be accountable?
Accountability is directly related to the capability of the individuals and trust within them and what is expected of them.

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