Developing Young People

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Developing Young People

What can you do to create a sense of shared vision between the young people you work with? How can you help your pupils to understand and uphold your school values and beliefs? Have they got the skills and attitudes that will make them successful in their future lives?

We can work with you to achieve all these things. We can deliver events and training that will increase young people’s confidence, and their resilience to the often traumatic and turbulent journey through their teenage years and into adulthood.

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The activities and challenges we design are lively and dynamic, employing the techniques of experiential learning which appeal instantly to young people. You won’t find “chalk and talk” on one of our courses. We aim to stimulate a high level of fun and energy within the group, and present interesting and lively challenges which appeal greatly to all young people.

We have some three-day programmes and events that tackle specific topics. Preparing for work, or for higher education, are just two examples. In addition, we can build personalised team events for you that can increase the level of teamwork and motivation in your group, improve goal-setting and leadership skills, and provide challenge and adventure to really stretch the young people you work with.

Us all on Kussum Kanguru April 5th 1995
To show how important the development of young people is and to also see just what they can achieve, the following video, made by former Chief Scout Peter Duncan, shows a team of young Scouts on their successful expedition to Everest in 2007.

For more information on Hampshire Scout Expeditions then click this link…

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This incredibly successful expedition saw three Scouts, Dave King, James Fry and Tim Clark climb to the roof of the world on the 21st May 2007.
This expedition was the culmination of twenty years’ hard work and dedication by the team who also included Mark Hide (our co director), Andy Smith (one of our outdoor instructors) and Rhys Jones (one of our Keynote Speakers). The team also climbed Denali in Alaska and Cho Oyu in Tibet as part of their Everest expedition preparation.


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