Challenge and Adventure

Challenge and Adventure for Young People


Activities that involve challenge and adventure help young people to expand their comfort zones.

Whether they’re abseiling down a cliff, or wriggling through a cave in the dark, the smiles of pride at the end of the day say it all.

Finding out that they can listen, learn and survive in an alien environment gives them the confidence that they can surmount day to day challenges too. It can help them to cope better with rights of passage such as taking on their first Saturday job, or walking into an unknown work experience placement.

We have a wide range of options for you to choose from, and they are designed and led by members of our team who are fully qualified and who have extensive experience of leading expeditions and treks all over the world.

See the young people you work with rise to the challenge, and watch them experience the thrill and excitement of real physical adventure. Every individual will be encouraged to discover new strengths and skills when you choose one of the following activities, and they’ll also enjoy themselves immensely in the process.