Case Study – Vintage Inns

Vintage Inns Event Case Study

Vintage Inns is a national collection of traditional British country pub restaurants full of individuality and charm. Landlords provide good old fashioned hospitality and at each pub restaurant you’ll find beautifully tended gardens, comfortable outside eating and drinking areas and ample car parking, often situated nearby local attractions and rural walks.

Fire Events was approached in order to run a day event for the senior management team of Vintage Inns.

The venue chosen was in fact one of Mitchell and Butlers flagship pubs, which was a great venue for this type of event. The teams were split in to four and their mission was to get the gold bullion before the other teams! The teams solved cryptic clues as they competed against each other in a problem solving treasure hunt to the finish line… where they then had to construct a complex aqueduct system to transport the water from the pour zone into the float tanks which when full blew the gold bullion security vans!

Venue of the Awayday

Cow and Calf Vintage Inn – Once a celebrated spa hotel in the 19th century, the distinctive inn overlooks the famous Cow & Calf rock formation on dramatic Ilkley Moor.

Testimonial: “A brilliantly thought out event, was very exciting and lots of fun. Would definitely do it again!”