Case Study – Trent College

Trent College Team Building Event

On the 1st of July we ran a fantastic days event at Trent College in Nottingham for 110 students. The activities were part of a larger day which incorporated academic classroom sessions.

The teams were split up prior to the activities in to 14 teams of 8 people. We set up 7 bases for the teams to compete at. The first activity of the day was Wobbly Tubes which became very competitive and was a great success. After Wobbly Tubes the 8 teams split up to start ‘Team Zone Challenge’. Team Zone Challenge consists of many smaller team games which are scored on how each team did on each activity. The smaller team games used on this event were; Human Table Football, Giant Inflatable Twister, Stepping Stones, Spiders Web and Giant Ski’s.

It was a beautiful day with only a little bit of rain, which didn’t upset the students. The students really seemed to enjoy themselves, getting a lot out of the big effort they put in.

What is Trent College

Founded in 1868, Trent is a school with a rich heritage and traditions spanning over 140 years. Though they value their unique and distinguished past, they have our eyes firmly set on the demands being made on young people in the 21st century and a spirit of energy, creativity and innovation shapes the school life.