The Decision Wheel Challenge...

This is a challenge for those teams that want to perform better and want to achieve more, both personally and as a team.



"The cave really is dark, the water really is cold, the distances between comfort breaks are long, arduous and real."

Simon Gwynne,
Lloyds Banking Group

This exciting and exhilarating team challenge begins at Leeds railway station and within the space of two hours will see your team ejected from the train, come rain or shine, at Ribblehead, where further clues lead you to the deep recesses of Runscar Cave...


 Can you find the six codes needed to open the steel box?

Have you got enough resilience to keep going for the next 12 hours as you go from the depths of the earth to the lofty summits?

The Decision Wheel Challenge is designed and created just for you, your teams and your objectives.

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    Ribblehead Viaduct....
    0% challenge
    ....& all 731metres of Whernside beyond.

    Has your team got what it takes?


    The Decision Wheel Challenge - to get your team to a higher place.


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