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If you are hoping to improve morale, grow a positive culture and increase productivity, your people need to understand and build their team skills. The research is unanimous. Organisations who value and develop 'soft skills' alongside technical skills will perform better overall. 

You can take advantage of a wide range of activities with Fire Events. Our team building activities have all been created to give your people memorable and beneficial experiences where the learning can be readily applied back at work, not forgotten or dismissed amongst the busy working week. We don't do embarrassing or pointless - what we do is help your team to perform better.
We strive to accommodate all team types and all reasonable budgets. Wherever you need us, we usually travel to your preferred location, in the UK or beyond. Choose a venue, (ask us for recommendations), or join us in the great outdoors.
Ideally, you will be able to invest in a full day of activities, but we are often able to offer excellent half-day or even 1-2 hour sessions if your time is limited.

Take a look through some of our past facilitated team days for inspiration... and get the support you need...


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    “Just want to thank you again for a lovely day yesterday – you guys were awesome and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day!”
    Rachel Cunnane, Nobia SA. Stockholm, Sweden

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    “My team need to get to know and trust each other better.”

    “I'd like to inspire and motivate my group to work as a team.” 

    "We have new people and need to bring them into the team."

    “My team need to challenge themselves a bit more.” 

    “Better communication skills would really help us - where do I start?”

    "Our workplace lacks team spirit." 

    "Our people all work extremely hard, just not always with the same vision." 

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      Just some of our happy clients

      "The team building event was a great success. Everybody had a great time, and it has been spoken about greatly since our return. I would highly recommend events with yourselves." 
      Sally Cooke, Dechra
      What we learn with pleasure...
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      Team Building which really does build teams...


      Trust us

      Find out why so many other organisations like yours do


      Team Building designed over many years and tested by many teams...


      Trust us

      Find out why so many other organisations like yours do

      "Thank you for pulling together such a brilliant away day...
      the New Forest Challenge was a resounding success!"

      Claire Owen,
      StopGap, London


      "Amazing! Can't believe we got the record on Flat Pack - who'd have thought we could go from 45 minutes down to sub 10 seconds!" Mike Mandola, Nucleus Global, London

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