Team Building in the Lake District

 HBOS Lodore Falls hotel 25th Sept 2008-230 Team building Lake District

HBOS Lodore Falls pentax 25th Sept 2008-27 Team building Lake District

Team Building in the Lake District

The Lake District is a fantastic location for any sort of team building programme, team awayday or corporate event that you may wish to participate in. For your rewarding team day please do call our events team on 01943 600885 or email us at

The Lakes are in a league of their own when it comes to scenic beauty and it is this, coupled with the superb hotels that make this corner of England one of the best places to reward and motivate your team. The menu options shown above outline all of the activities that we can deliver for you in Banbury, from short icebreakers right through to our more challenging all encompassing team challenges.

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What does it feel like when you succeed?

In todays modern business world communication skills, leadership skills, self motivation, problem solving and teamworking are critical personal skill-sets that every business requires in order to thrive. This is the case with many of the businesses that we run team building events for in The Lake District each year. The training programmes and team building events that we run each year allow participants to develop these skills so that general productivity, motivation and profitability of the organisation are increased.

Our Events in the Lake District

Fire Events has been operating in the Lake District for over ten years and in that time we have run team building events in the area for British Waterways, British Gas, Arla Foods, HSBC and the Highways Agency to name but a few. The activities along the way have ranged from formal facilitated team days through to large scale fun events for 450 people. Popular activities are Chain Reaction, Raft Building, MI5 Search & Disarm and rock climbing.

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