Team Building in Schools

Team Building in Schools


Team-building events in schools (or youth projects) can be run on-site, or you can choose to come off-site to learn and challenge yourselves in a new environment. We work in wild, natural locations for some of our adventure activities, or at indoor and outdoor venues where there is plenty of room to run our indoor and outdoor team challenges.

All our activities help to get across the importance of working together, and how tolerance and mutual respect can result in a team achieving more than any one individual can on their own.

Preparing for University Life and Gap Years

The team-building courses that we deliver in schools can be complemented by additional modules, focussing on preparing young people for going to university, or for their gap year.

Getting ready to go to university is an essential area that often gets ignored or left to chance. We deliver a three-day Preparation for University Life programme, which is designed to get young people in the right frame of mind to push their personal boundaries, and to feel confident about moving to a new place and meeting new people.

The problem is that they will be small fish in a big pond once again. A little preparation can result in them (literally) staying the course, and making the most of the considerable costs that they and their families are committing to.

Many young people use a gap year experience to help them make this important transition, but unfortunately, a lot of them don’t know how to get the best out of the opportunity.

We offer a three-day Gap Year Preparation programme, which teaches young people the essential skills they will need in order to look after themselves. It also helps them to plan how to get the maximum experience from the year ahead. Parents can feel reassured that their beloved children will be able to cope and keep themselves safe.

Again, we use experiential learning in a big way, so that the lessons learned are firmly embedded before the young people leave to go on the biggest adventure of their lives so far.