Case Study – Lloyds Team Away Day

Lloyds Team Away Day Case Study

Now that the dust has settled over the HBOS Lloyds takeover, Simon came to us with his new team and had identified a need for bringing the team together so they can move forward. This was no problem for us and we started planning right away.

The first activity of the day was a simple icebreaker, Get Knotted, the team have to tie and then untie the knot in the rope, without letting go of the rope! A very simple task in its basic form. The complex ingredient, however, is the participants playing it!. This was followed by Spiders Web and Giant Ski’s. Other activities that the team completed included Blindfold Tent, which consists of one member of the team describing and helping their team to put up a tent without being able to see what they are doing! Perhaps the most popular event of the day followed, Blindfold Drive, that heavily relies on communication and teamwork, was a complete success. The effort that the participants put in was huge, and really showed what a great team they already had.

The delegates turned up to lunch to find all their ingredients raw and unprepared in a marquee with camping cookers, their task was to work together to cook themselves lunch. The team were very impressive during this activity and managed to cook a lovely 4 course meal, including pasta carbonara, and a lovely Salmon dinner with all the trimmings.

The final activity of the day was Chain Reaction which is a fantastic team challenge that allowed the team as one, to create a piece of technological wizardry in the form of a perpetual motion chain reaction starting with a unique energy form that transforms as it goes to create a final explosive finale. The delegates managed to finish just on time, and the reaction was a complete success!

The participants learned some very valuable skills from the day, which included communication skills, motivation, energy, drive and enthusiasm to succeed tips.

Who are Lloyds TSB

Lloyds TSB Group plc was renamed Lloyds Banking Group plc on 19 January 2009, following the acquisition of HBOS plc. This makes them the largest retail bank in the UK with a number of leading market positions. One in three people bank with them.

Testimonial: “I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for hosting the event with my team on Friday, the immediate feedback was really positive and I’m in the process of capturing their reflections and sound bites which I’ll share with you, I’ve also asked the team how they see us taking the learning forward over the coming weeks and months.” – Simon Gwynne, UK Private Banking Change Team Lloyds Banking Group.