Case Study – Lloyds Team Event

Lloyds Team Away Day Case Study

Lloyds approached us and asked us to run a day of team based activities of which we were only to happy to organise and run for them. The day was split in to two parts the morning was the team based challenges and then in the afternoon rafting. The day started with a ice breaker, raising the stakes, which got the team thinking about working as a team and communicating with each other, which started the day off very well. The teams then moved on to stepping stones which the delegates took on board the feedback from the raising the stakes to overcome the challenge of stepping stones. The teams then tackled spiders web which involved a lot of trust in each other when it came to lifting and moving people which helped the team understand the trust needed between people in the work place.

After breaking for lunch the team returned back outside to be greeted by the rafting equipment which would challenge the teams imagination while designing & building the raft as so it wouldn’t sink. The team had a excellent day and put a lot of effort and enthusiasm which helped make the day even more of a success.

Testimonial: “Fire Events were very good, events required thinking about, great for teamworking. Fire Events staff were very friendly.” – Charlotte Fletcher – Assistant Manager, Governance & Control.