Case Study – Little World Nursery

Little World Nursery Team Away Day

Fire-Events ran a series of activities for Little World Nursery at Thornton Hall hotel in Wirral. The objectives of the day were to bring the team together as the older staff and the younger staff had a widening gap of differences between them and so were not always getting on.

With that in mind we ran team based challenges such as Raising the stakes, Spiders web. Isotope, Get knotted and stepping stones. As well as Giant twister as a more relaxed activity. The team based challenges once completed, were discussed in a class room, talking about what went well and what didn’t go as well and why? While also looking at how people learn, and how this can be passed on to the younger members of staff. As well as the differences between people and how we can overcome these by understanding each other, which in turn leads to a more positive working environment. By the end of the day it saw people understanding especially the younger members of staff, that it is important to work as a team, communicating effectively and working towards the same goals and objectives.

Venue of the Away Day

Thornton Hall – The hotel is set within it’s own grounds in the village of Thornton Hough. The Executive Bedrooms boast panoramic views of the grounds and surrounding countryside.