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On average, only 13% of the global workforce is fully engaged with their work. What's it like at your place?

A happy team is a more productive team. Fact.


Study after study shows that happier employees achieve significantly more. How do you make your place a happier one?

Motivating and Engaging your People

If you already do, could you do this better? If morale is low, where do you start?

Fire Events can help you.

Getting your people on board, helping them to feel valued, and encouraging them to make good decisions and commit to best practice are crucial to your organisation's success. We have provided countless team days to motivate, energise and refresh teams, to help them think differently about work, and how they can get the best out of their role. Because if they feel like their workplace is the best, they'll give the best back. As simple as that!

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Building a stronger, better Team

Is best practice highlighted and shared effectively? Is your team really a team at all?

Fire Events can help you.

People often think they're a team when they're actually not at all. Groups must evolve through a set of clear dynamic processes to become a true team. High-performing teams have all been through this cycle of development, and it's vital for consistent success. We can help your people to identify where they're at and why in this process. We can help them to see why it's so crucial to work as a true team, and how they can get there. It'll open their eyes!

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Just two keys to a more successful workplace? Really? Yes.

If you want to use the two most influential factors for high performance, for your staff and children alike, then look no further. Like you, we genuinely care about helping schools and colleges to be more productive - after all, everyone should have a vested interest in our young people doing well. We have observed, at first hand, practice and outcomes in over 70 educational settings, and have looked for reliable patterns of success. So what makes some settings fly higher than others?

Of course, educational settings have their own particular challenges and external influences, but on the whole, our observations match up to the research we have done into factors for success in other sectors, including NHS and other public services. It's no surprise that groups of people will consistently present both positive and negative behaviours. Fire Events can help you to identify barriers to success, unlock the doors to empowering your staff, and so improve the chances of your students reaching their potential.


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    • Backed by Observation and Experience

      Our framework for these sessions draws upon years of working in dozens of education settings over 25+ years.

    • In Tune with Reality

      We understand the challenges within education and recognise that different places need different approaches.

    • Open-minded

      It makes no assumptions about what situation your workplace already has, or the training you may have already had.

    • Instantly applicable Techniques and Processes

      We know that you need the value-added reassurance that your learning can be carried over into daily practice.

    You can trust Fire Events to offer you support from specialists in Team Dynamics and Soft Skills Development. We work hard to understand your exact issues. We identify your barriers to productivity and from there, we use our knowledge and understanding of classic and contemporary research to offer you proven solutions. We are unique in that we combine world-class theory with our carefully-selected experiential activities, to bring your learning to life. We really can get to the heart of what you need to improve staff optimism for your classroom reality, whatever it may bring you.

    Team Dynamics Soft skills facilitated learning development change management
    Team Dynamics Soft skills facilitated learning development change management

    A way forward for everyone.

    Three simple structures to consider...

    * All sample itineraries can be modified to suit you.

    Couple of Hours Available?

    Morning, Afternoon or Twilight Session

    For 6 - 30 people

    £ Budget Quickest Fix Option - for those low on time and funds

    An introduction to your instant wins for improving motivation and engagement

    A great value on-site itinerary: inspiring guidance, eye-opening activities, and trusted team skills for your staff to use every day back in their work roles

    Sample Staff Meeting Itinerary*

    Full Day Available?

    Approx. 7 hours - flexible Start & End Times

    For 6-60 people

    ££ Greatest Value Option - a huge amount to work with for your money

    The most popular choice, packed full of helpful guidance and activities to move you forwards

    At a convenient venue, a day of experiential learning designed exclusively for your group: discover how to get everyone on board with what you need to manage your transition

    Sample Full Day Itinerary*

    More Time Available?

    Fully Bespoke Ongoing Programme

    For an Individual, Whole Team, Department or Complete Organisation

    £££ For those who can invest in measured development designed to have the maximum impact over 3+ sessions and multiple weeks

    Progress is monitored and activities are adapted to accelerate your progress

    On-site or at other suitable venues, activities are a perfect blend of psychometric, hands-on, and reflective activities to reinforce learning

    Sample Programme*
    We're people who listen to you and want to help - we don't employ salespeople - so a call for a chat will be just that! No pushing to hit targets, no pressure, no hidden agendas, no ulterior motives... we don't need to work that way.

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    Team Building Events designed to challenge your teams to make them perform better...

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    the New Forest Challenge was a resounding success!"

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