Case Study – Howdens – June 2010

Howdens – June 2010 – Case Study

Referred by a colleague, Chantal enquired with Fire Events for a team building day. The main objective of the day was to improve the integration of their teams simply by working together and having fun for the day, which in turn will make all the individuals feel more valued.

The first activity of the day was a simple icebreaker, Raising the Stakes, which is a very effective exercise that can be adapted to any number. This was followed by Team Zone Challenge, which consisted of Spiders Web, Get Knotted, Isotope and Stepping Stones. After lunch.. perhaps the most popular event of the day followed, Human Table Football, that heavily relies on communication and teamwork, was a complete success. The effort that the participants put in was huge, and really showed what a great team they already had. Other inflatable games that the delegates participated in were Tug of War and the Giant Wet Slide.

The final activity of the day was Chain Reaction which is a fantastic team challenge that allowed the team as one, to create a piece of technological wizardry in the form of a perpetual motion chain reaction starting with a unique energy form that transforms as it goes to create a final explosive finale. We incorporated Rafting in to Chain Reaction as an added extra, not only for the delegates own enjoyment, but to test their determination. The delegates managed to finish just on time, and the reaction was a complete success!

The participants learned some very valuable skills from the day, which included communication skills, motivation, energy, drive and enthusiasm to succeed tips.

Venue of the Away Day

Waterton Park Hotel – Walton Hall is a beautiful Georgian Mansion on an Island surrounded by a 26 acre lake accessible only by a picturesque iron footbridge. Within the grounds of Walton Hall is the purpose built Waterton Park Hotel, suituated on the mainland with views of the Hall and surrounding golf course.


Fire Events were excellent! Very professional and well prepared company. All staff were very friendly and approachable, great at keeping people motivated and injected a lot of fun into the day.