Stuart Rose

Our Core Team at Fire Events begins with Stuart Rose. Stuart graduated from the University of Leeds  (Geological Sciences) in 1994 before going on to work offshore in the North Sea Oil Platforms, where he gained valuable insights into the corporate structures and pressures within a large multinational organisation.

In between stints offshore Stuart organised and led, (jointly with Mark Hide), numerous expeditions with young people to many remote and challenging regions on earth. (Six times to the Himalayas, twice to the jungles of Belize, five times to Arctic Norway).

These expeditions, coupled with an understanding of the need for effective team-working, communication and team collaboration gathered from the 24/7 operation in very harsh North Sea conditions, grants Stuart an expertise which can be trusted. It led some past expedition members to suggest that he work with their organisations once they started working; this encouraged Stuart to set up Fire Events Ltd in the summer of 2002, in order to become a provider of experiential learning team development programmes, that recreate the real stresses and strains of the modern workplace and offer exceptional facilitation to empower organisations to make the best of their teams.

The cross-over between expeditions and the integral leadership and teamwork that goes with them is immensely strong and it is this, along with Stuart’s drive and commitment, that has made Fire Events Ltd the exciting and refreshing company it is today. He is grateful to his past experience for teaching him to remain calm under pressure..."Whilst leading a group of Sixth Form girls in the Indian Himalaya, one of them suddenly had an anaphylactic shock and was literally turning blue as she collapsed on the dusty trekking path. Faced with the prospect of having to perform a tracheotomy at high altitude with little equipment, no training, and a group of the patient's hysterical friends for support, what would you do?"

He is complimented by a core team with whom he works with every day, and an additional group of trainers, instructors and facilitators who can be called upon to enhance Fire Events experiences in the best way.

Outside of work, Stuart is a keen climber and mountaineer, and was a competent sailor and kayaker somewhere in a past life. He is currently trying to get back in to fell-running, and is entering Mountain Marathons again for training-encouragement purposes. He is more than happy to help his three young daughters follow in his outdoor footsteps, fitting in trips with the family up on to Ilkley Moor, or farther afield, as often as possible. They have even been known to build snow holes on Ilkley Moor in recent snowy winters! Of course, all of this currently plays second fiddle to renovating his home, a project which so far has taken a year longer than hoped, and has tested his problem-solving skills in every way!

Specialties, Qualifications and Accreditations

Designer and creator of a vast range of team-building activities which closely mimic workplace challenges.

Resilient, resourceful and empathetic.

Incredibly positive, motivational and energetic.

Tapping in to what makes people tick.

Anticipating how individuals and teams will react under pressure.

Understanding what makes teams work and what doesn’t.

Being able to see through the facade that individuals put up and thus seeing the real person hidden behind.

Stuart is a qualified practitioner in EQ Leadership, EQ-i and EQ360 tools for Emotional Intelligence development, and holds Summer and Winter ML Qualifications.