Case Study – Esri UK

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Esri UK Case Study

The Event – Conference Icebreaker and energizer based around customer service

ESRI UK came to us with a simple brief; ‘You must entertain all 330 of our UK sales force for 2 hours, from 1pm until 3pm. It must be inside and we must have the conference room back up and running by 3:20pm’.

It then took our dedicated team six weeks to create our new modular Chain Reaction game leading up to the event itself.

In essence, it is a transfer of energy between bases (33 in all!). The energy arrives at the base, is transformed and then is passed on to the next team. The chain reaction then self perpetuates around the vast conference room, to finally arrive at the stage where the pyrotechnics go off nd the banners, with all the company messages on, fall from the ceiling in a cloud of smoke!

Modules in the reaction were;

– Catapult

– Land Yacht

– Vertical Scalextric

– Giant Spiral

– Zip Wire

– Water Wheel

– Radio Controlled Car

– Plus much much more!

– Plus much much more!

Outcomes of the event and benefits to the team: an understanding of strengths and weaknesses of everyone in the team. The activities helped the delegates develop their knowledge about the company’s objective, strategy and customer service.

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Venue of the Awayday

Beaumont House – A gorgeous, tranquil Hotel and Conference centre in landscaped grounds