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Education is a rapidly-changing, intensely demanding profession to work in - perhaps now more than ever before - but we don't need to tell you this. Expectations for attainment are high, yet resources seem to be diminishing. Nationally, pupil numbers are rising, but recruitment is struggling to keep up and teachers are leaving the profession at an alarming rate. Pupil needs are changing, but many schools are ill-equipped to cope. It's no wonder that work-related stress surveys consistently rank schools and colleges as having some of the highest levels of staff absence due to stress.

  • Stress costs schools money where they already have none to spare.

  • Staff dissatisfaction impacts on pupil outcomes.

  • Workplace negativity affecting education will affect all of our futures.

The way in which head teachers respond to and support those dealing with stress is crucial, says Siôn Humphreys, who is policy advisor at the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT).

At Fire Events, we have an in-house specialist who has worked in a vast range of education settings for over 25 years, both as a supply cover and permanent post teacher, and as a contributor to team or leadership development provision in public and commercial environments. Chantalle works with tiny rural schools, inner city multi-form entry schools, and everything in between. She has seen the best and the worst of education practice, and as a qualified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, can often see where opportunities for improvement may have been overlooked, in terms of building positive relationships between staff, students, parents, and the wider community.

What stands out again and again

in High-Performing Schools, regardless of setting?

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    ↓↓↓ Fire Events offers your group our tried and trusted formula for Facilitated Learning...


    We listen to you.

    We find out...

    ...what major challenges are already affecting teamwork and if there are others on the horizon. We explore your team's current resilience levels. We work with you to identify what impacts they are having on your group and its overall productivity levels.


    We liaise with you.

    We create...

    ...a tailor-made staff meeting session, half-day, full day or ongoing programme of activities perfect for your group and budget. Designed to help you all manage challenge better, tasks are inclusive, inspiring, helpful, and they really open people's minds to how workplace practice can be improved.


    We activate you.

    We fire you up...

    ... with carefully planned itineraries. We'll get you thinking, laughing, exploring new ways of working, talking to each other, maybe even achieving what seems impossible. Don't believe us? Come and see for yourself!


    We empower you.

    We help you to take off...

    ...and run with it! There's no point in us helping you to learn new things if you can't take them forwards all by yourselves. We give you as many tools as we can out of those you'll need to launch - and then it's up to you to fly.

    • Backed by Observation and Experience

      Our framework for these sessions draws upon years of working in dozens of education settings over 25+ years.

    • In Tune with Reality

      We genuinely understand the demands your staff face every day at work.

    • Open-minded

      It makes no assumptions about what situation your workplace already has, or the training you may have already had.

    • Instantly applicable Techniques and Processes

      We know that you need the value-added reassurance that your learning can be put to work in daily practice.

    You can trust Fire Events to offer you support from specialists in Team Dynamics and Soft Skills Development. We work hard to understand your exact issues. We identify your barriers to productivity and from there, we use our knowledge and understanding of classic and contemporary research to offer you proven solutions. We are unique in that we combine this world-class theory with our carefully-selected experiential activities, to bring your learning to life. We really can get to the heart of what you need to handle change effectively and with more optimism for your new reality, whatever it may bring you.

    Team Dynamics Soft skills facilitated learning development change management
    Team Dynamics Soft skills facilitated learning development change management

    A way forward for everyone.

    Three simple structures to consider...

    * All sample itineraries can be modified to suit you.

    Couple of Hours Available?

    Staff Meeting or half day INSET?

    For 6 - 30 people

    £ Budget Quickest Fix Option - for those low on time and funds

    An introduction to your instant wins against the challenges of change in the workplace

    A great value on-site itinerary: inspiring guidance, eye-opening activities, and trusted change-management tools for your team to use every day back in their work roles

    Sample Half-Day Itinerary*

    Full Day Available?

    Approx. 7 hours - flexible Start & End Times

    For 6-60 people

    ££ Greatest Value Option - a huge amount to work with for your money

    The most popular choice, packed full of helpful guidance and activities to move you forwards

    At a convenient venue, a day of experiential learning designed exclusively for your group: discover how to get everyone on board with what you need to manage your transition

    Sample Full Day Itinerary*

    More Time Available?

    Fully Bespoke Ongoing Programme

    For an Individual, Whole Team, Department or Complete Organisation

    £££ For those who can invest in measured development designed to have the maximum impact over 3+ sessions and multiple weeks

    Progress is monitored and activities are adapted to accelerate your progress

    On-site or at other suitable venues, activities are a perfect blend of psychometric, hands-on, and reflective activities to reinforce learning

    Sample Programme*
    We're people who listen to you and want to help - we don't employ salespeople - so a call for a chat will be just that! No pushing to hit targets, no pressure, no hidden agendas, no ulterior motives... we don't need to work that way.

    Need to know more before you speak to us?

    Click for Answers to some frequently asked questions.

    Get the support you need now

    Contact Fire Events on 01943 600885 or email for an informal discussion.

    Facilitated Learning for Staff Development

    Our highly experienced event leaders, instructors and facilitators will work with your people, your teams and your whole organisations in order to design fresh, unique events and training programmes, with appropriate Psychometric input and post-event feedback, that deliver real results to make your teams more productive. 




    Goal - your team being better

    Sound familiar?

    “My team have grown rapidly this year – how can we work as one?”

    “I just wish I could motivate my team to embrace necessary change…” 

    “My team need to adapt their mindset to more resilient thinking.” 

    “We need to communicate better to get our anxieties out in the open.”

    "How can we build a norm of real team working and high performance when the goalposts keep shifting?" 

    Talk to us about how we have helped other schools to manage challenge more effectively.

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    Is your team coping with change?

    Let's guide them through the challenge...


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