Case Study – Bradford & Bingley

Bradford & Bingley party 14 dec 07 8927 Bradford & Bingley party 14 dec 07 8914

Bradford & Bingley party 14 dec 07 8912 Bradford & Bingley party 14 dec 07 8880

Bradford & Bingley Event Case Study


– A ‘Night at the Movies’ Christmas Party

– BBG’s own offices

– 500 delegates

Fire Events was approached in order to run the Christmas party for the 500 delegates at Bradford & Bingley.

The venue chosen was in fact their very own offices, which was a great for venue for this type of event.

The brief was to keep the guests entertained for as long as possible, we did this by bringing a large array of different activities and games, music and dance.


“I had a fantastic evening, a brilliant way to boost team moral, can’t wait for the next one!”