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Training and Development… Words most organisations know well and that can make or break a team – get it right and your organisation benefits all round. Get it wrong, and the losses can be catastrophic, both to your people and to your finances.

Our Training and Development packages will inject energy, motivation and vision into your organisation. We can help you to tease out the areas you need to work on in more depth – not just the obvious steps you need to take, but the underlying issues that truly need addressing to ensure that your team can reach their potential.

We will collaborate with you to design a team development programme that will help build on your successes and overcome any obstacles that are blockers to your productivity.

Rather than being 100% theoretical and ‘classroom’ based, our formal training programmes comprise a great mix of fantastic experiential-learning team challenges that add reality, fun and spice to your team sessions. There are indoor or outdoor activities, short problem solving tasks, or larger more involved challenges. They will stretch and expand comfort zones within acceptable levels as discussed in detail with you, they will boost morale, and give you a greater understanding of your team’s dynamics as they head toward shared success.

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Let’s look at the mistakes some organisations make when deciding on a training and development pathway…

“We don’t really need team-building. Our staff are all well-trained in how to do their jobs.”

If you have staff, you have a need for team training and development. Individuals may be technically excellent, but if they have little support in working well together, they won’t perform to their best. The bottom line is that true teams always deliver brilliance. Make sure yours do…

“We haven’t got the budget we’d like for training and development.”

Talk to us, we aim to help everyone. Recruitment is expensive. Staff absence due to stress is expensive. Loss of productivity is expensive. We always try our best to accommodate your budget; investing in your people by choosing the right training and development activities might be the best money you ever spend.

“We’ve been on team training and development days before. They didn’t really help.”

We appreciate that people may have had negative experiences with other team training and development providers. There are some fantastic companies out there. There are many more of them offering ‘off-the-peg’ activities, without really understanding your exact training and development needs. There are some who use inexperienced or uncaring staff. There are some who think that team-building training and development ought to be embarrassing or even dangerous. We don’t. We listen to you, we plan, prepare and use only experienced, qualified staff who really want you to have a successful event. And we have some of the most innovative itineraries available in the UK. Find out more…

“We’ve ticked our ‘Training and Development’ box.” 

If your staff work to their best with any of their teams, then great. If everything runs as smoothly as you’d like it to in an ideal HR world, then you might be right. If you’ve measured the impact your training and development has had and you can see evidence of positive results, this could be true. If you’re more like the rest of real life, you might have hoped a superficial nod to team building would give you miracles. But if you’re keen to see real results, ticking boxes simply isn’t enough. And we don’t do superficial.

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As part of a complete programme, we are also qualified to offer team profiling, to help your team members to understand themselves better.

Our team is also certified in using MBTI (Myers Briggs), Belbin, SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) and EQi 2.0 & EQ 360 (for Emotional Intelligence screening and analysis.)

You can have this as a stand-alone service, or as part of an ongoing development programme, in which we can use the information gathered to develop an event or a programme that focuses on improving individuals’ performance or whole-team dynamics. Ask us about our profiling for individuals.

We have an enormous amount of skill, expertise and resources to deliver these high-end development programmes. As well as our own skills at Fire Events, you will benefit from the complementary expertise of our sister company, Tangram Training. Together we can offer you a wealth of experience and a huge range of options. Let’s talk about how we can help you.

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Is there a rising star in one of your teams? If so, you may also want to explore our ongoing leadership development or coaching programmes, which are aimed at helping you to develop the leaders of tomorrow. These range from 4-6 modules for first line managers through to bespoke courses for senior managers and directors.