Team Profiling

Team Profiling

EQi model

Are you in charge of a team that’s new, and not bedded down properly yet? Or a team that’s been together for a while, but not working as harmoniously as it could? In either case, is your team struggling to fulfil its true potential?

These can be tough questions to answer when you’ve got the day-to-day to manage. Help is at hand, with a number of enlightening tools and questionnaires. They’ll help you and your team members to understand how their personalities and their job functions can work together, towards achieving the central remit of your team, in the most productive and enjoyable way possible.

Through Tangram Training, our sister company, we currently offer four assessments to help you get to grips with team dynamics:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Belbin Team Roles
Emotional Intelligence
Strength Deployment Inventory

We can offer help with these profiling tools in a number of different ways. This might be a couple of hours of theory and practice at a team meeting or other event, or alternatively, and more effectively, we like to embed them properly within a team development programme. In this way your team can gain from both the written reports as well as putting their new-found knowledge to good practice.

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