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“Just want to thank you again for a great session yesterday – you guys were awesome and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day!”

Rachel Cunnane, Nobia AB, Stockholm, Sweden.

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"The team building event was a great success. Everybody had a great time, and it has been spoken about greatly since our return. I would highly recommend events with yourselves." 
Sally Cooke, Dechra



Goal - your team being better

So why should I do a team building event with my team?


"Thank you for pulling together such a brilliant event...
the New Forest Challenge was a resounding success!"

Claire Owen,
StopGap, London


Motivated individuals achieve more.  Fact.
A truly motivated team achieves more. Fact.
So how do you increase motivation within your people and your teams? Creating a culture of thanks, respect, openness honesty and harmony Is fundamental to building and sustaining motivation within your teams.
Taking your team is away from the stresses of the workplace to give them the time and space to think and work in an experiential manner.


When a team is highly motivated and morale is high they can achieve anything.
Boosting morale can be as easy as a pat on the back, a certain look and a word of thanks so that your team feel respected, wanted, needed and have purpose.
When a single team member has low morale they can act as the bad apple and their sentiment can filter out to other team members if left and checked.
Regular team offsites have been proven to increase morale.


A highly motivated team with high morale and high energy is a wonderful place to be.
When energy levels are high there is a buzz amongst the team. Challenges becoming insignificant as teams tackle them, demolish them and eat them for breakfast.
An 'I’ve got your back' culture develops whereby team members look out for each other with morale and motivation on an ever increasing upward cycle.
Team such as this are truly on the path to high-performance.


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