Rafting 4

The participants will have to work as a team using the tools and equipment supplied to create a raft which will float on a stretch of water. An activity like this always challenges a group to get the best out of each other. Once the groups have planned how their rafts will be designed they begin to build them by problem solving as a team. This will help identify leadership material and those who have the potential. The delegates will then venture across the stretch of water to see if the raft stays afloat, hopefully the planning pays off!

The sense of success for this activity will boost the participants moral and understanding for group problem solving. Our highly experienced team will be on hand to assist you if required, whether it be in the lake or with the build.

This activity can be adapted to suit your needs and objectives. The activity can be run alongside and as part of other tasks and games to make it even more enjoyable. The task will be under professional supervision from the highly experienced Fire Events staff so you will have nothing to worry about apart from having fun!

Testimonial: “There’s nothing better than being a kid again and getting thoroughly muddy and wet! Reminds you that life doesn’t have to be so serious… in fact it’s better for you when it’s not!” – Clem Scarfe, Berghaus & Brasher Boots.