Our Values

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Our Values

We believe that innovative team building brings people together for the greater good, and gives every member of a team a sense of their own special contribution.

Dynamic teamwork demands confidence and excellent communication, as well a willingness to take risks. The ability to collaborate leads to a team solving problems creatively together.

These values lie at the heart of our approach to designing events or training and development programmes for you.

We model this approach within our own company. You’ll find that we at Fire Events pull together and collaborate with each other, so that our varied skills meet your needs in the best possible way. In other words, we practice what we preach.

We absolutely keep the client – you – as the central focus of everything we do.

We believe that the high standard of the events and training that we offer is intrinsically linked to this commitment. We’ll listen to you and explore your team and organisation, right from the moment when we first start to work with you. We totally immerse ourselves in your culture, down to the smallest detail, so that we know exactly what makes your people and your organisation tick.

We think that our determination to put you at the centre of what we do is what makes us a successful company. Referrals and repeat business make up over 65% of the events that we run, with organisations coming back to us year after year. Our existing client relationships are strong and open, reflecting our commitment to work in equal partnership, and to deliver what they need. Our clients know that once we have worked out the full brief together, they can relax, while we get on with creating events, designing programmes and delivering exciting and enjoyable learning experiences for all who attend.

Here are just a few examples of people we have worked with:

cummins waterhouse-coopers skipton-building-society rsa lowell-group lloyds-banking cleveland-potash