Larger Team Challenges

Larger Team Challenges

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With the best will in the world, when you’re putting together a long and demanding conference or event programme, it can start to look like a bit of a daunting prospect for the delegates.

You might be wondering what you can insert to vary the pace, keep the flow going, and the energy levels up.

We can provide substantial team challenges that can achieve just that, and much more. They can help the delegates to bond if they don’t know each other. Or they can encourage existing team members to relate to each other in a more lively, dynamic manner than they get the chance to do in the office, when they’re busy and working to deadlines.

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If your delegates work in a high-pressure or high-stress environment at work, these larger, more complex team building challenges can increase the camaraderie within teams, reduce tension, and provide a different way of viewing work problems. We are told by our clients that they make a pleasant change, and are effective at raising motivation, as well as being a lot of fun.

If you’re trying to develop a new team, these challenges can signal that you are open to new ways of doing things, and that you will go the extra mile to find stimulating ways to improve the skills and abilities of your staff.

Here are some longer, more involved Problem Solving Challenges for your conference or event: