Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

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Sometimes something a little out of the ordinary is needed, to either get your conference off to a flying start, to motivate and inspire your teams or to round off a fabulous event.

Listening to great storytellers and speechmakers is something that goes down well with all of us. There’s something gripping about people talking from their own experience, or speaking with passion about an area of expertise or deep knowledge.

With the right choice of speaker, you can set a particular tone for a day of lectures and workshops, or add some humour and excitement to a special event. You can get people’s minds running along different, more creative tracks. Or you can just reward delegates who’ve listened and worked hard all day, by giving them a speaker who takes them on a journey far away from the daily grind.

From world class business gurus to expedition leaders, we have close connections to a huge variety of speakers that could end your event on a motivational high.

Kenton Cool, Rhys Jones and Andy Cave, are all mountaineers and have achieved great things in their careers.
For more information on these extraordinary people please visit their websites at the following links:

Andy’s web site is at
Kenton’s is at
Rhys’s website is at