Indoor Team Building

Indoor Team Building - British Cycling Team Day 17th Oct 2012 - 76

Indoor Team Building Days

An indoor team building day can be a great way to boost motivation in the colder and often wetter winter months. They are a good option if you want to run an event at your workplace, rather than off-site.

We can still do activities which offer some physical challenge, if you have a good size training room. Or we can focus on challenges that demand lateral thinking, where your team will have to combine every member’s skills to get to a solution.

But it’s not just figuring out the answer. Our challenges are designed to require a high level of open communication, and to make the link between successful problem-solving and teamwork.

They’re fun to do, and our event leader will make sure that the team quickly gets in the spirit of completing the mission or the task. Chain Reaction and Wobbly Tubes are just two examples you can see on this website, and don’t forget we can design a scenario or a task just for you.

We can also offer this type of indoor event as an energiser session if you are organising a conference. They work wonders in getting people out of their seats, and keeping them focused throughout your conference programme.

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