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Goal Setting

It is easier to make progress in work and in life if you understand about setting goals that are relevant to your own level of ability and potential. We know teachers will already be putting learning goals in place across the curriculum, and that youth leaders will be doing so in ways linked to the aims of their project.

We reinforce young people's understanding of how goal setting can enable them to succeed with challenges that they never imagined they could achieve. We aim to motivate them to monitor themselves, and to feel non-defensive about asking for feedback from peers and mentors as to how they are doing.

We help them to experience how to set goals and push themselves, but we also emphasise that the targets they decide on need to be realistic and achievable. We have a range of events and activities to help them experience this. Often we will use a physical-challenge activity, which can graphically illustrate the benefits of being clear about your goals, and will also bring an extra dose of thrill and excitement to the learning process.