Conference and Event Energisers

 Conference and event energisers and icebreakers

Team Activities and Energisers for Conferences and Events

For large scale business Conferences and Events, we supply attention-grabbing and invigorating Conference and Event Energisers and Icebreakers. As a ‘wake up’ they can get people going at the start of the day. Used as a ‘shake up’ they can provide a welcome revitalising break in your conference programme. They can even avoid the deadening effect of that dreadful after-lunch graveyard-slot, so you don’t waste the money you spend on an influential speaker or training and onward activities.

HBOS for Elle events 6th Sept 0728661 HBOS for Elle events 6th Sept 0728663

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Wake up their curiosity. Re-align your delegates and maintain their focus with one of our icebreaker ideas, or with a short fun team challenge.  Shake up their pre-conceptions and assumptions of what conferences are. Avoid the dreaded ‘death by powerpoint’ glazed expressions – get people involved and appeal to their kinaesthetic learning preferences. A comprehensive base of research points to hands-on learning as being by far the most effective for most people. Experiences are much more likely to be committed to memory if we have lived through them. Life’s about participating, after all… Chances to get in there are more vital than ever in our ever-increasing world of screen-based lives.

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If you have to sit still, due to sheer numbers accommodated by your venue, we can still engage large groups. We offer a range of eye-opening tasks through audio-visual services, including an interactive voting system, which helps to involve every delegate. People are usually accustomed to voting by phone or via the Internet, so they easily catch on to using this powerful, instant feedback tool. Seeing your vote instantly make its mark on the big screen is quite exciting. Finding out how it sits in the bigger picture is intriguing. A large amount of relevant data can suddenly become clear and simple. People can start to understand each other. That’s got to be good!

We also have a range of keynote speakers who can bring a potent injection of motivation to your conference or event, with stories of pioneering, risk-taking, and tenacity in the face of adversity. Although not necessarily an interactive experience, learning from the tales of an inspirational character can be a suitable energiser for certain types of conference and event. It can even be a wake up in itself – listening to others who have pushed themselves can be just the shake up some people need!

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