Energisers & Ice Breakers

Conference Energisers & Ice Breakers

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How do you get an audience in a packed conference hall to sit up and take notice?

How do you get a group to engage with each other, rather than sitting facing forward in splendid isolation, or insisting on only talking to people they already know?

How do you motivate people who are ready for a doze after the complementary lunch you have just served them, or regain their attention in the late-afternoon, when people are starting to look at their watches rather than at the podium?

It’s the age-old problem of conference organising – keeping a lively and engaged audience, ready and able to take in the interesting information and the new ideas in your programme or at your training event.

We can help, by providing brief icebreakers that will raise morale, and enable people to throw off their natural shyness or reticence. Or energising physical activities, which give people a buzz and put them in a receptive frame of mind.

Here are some Short Icebreakers and Energisers for your conference or event…