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Team Challenge and Adventure Days

Adventurous and challenging activities are energising and engaging, especially to those who haven’t had much chance to get involved before. These activities can lead to incredible leaps forward in terms of confidence and personal development. It is uplifting and thrilling to surmount your fear and anxiety, and discover that you can do much more than you thought you could, and succeed as well as survive!

We’ve got expedition leaders on our team who’ve been to Alaska, the Alps and the Himalayas, as well as Sri Lanka, Cameroon and Nepal. They’ve had close shaves traversing jungles in intense heat, and testing moments on mountain ridges in the freezing cold. But most importantly, they’ve experienced the totally wonderful feeling of making it successfully to the end of a climb or trek, after achieving a goal which seemed incredibly daunting at the start.

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StopGap Team event 5th-6th Sept 2013 - 0494 StopGap Team event 5th-6th Sept 2013 - 0420

We recreate some of the tension and verve of our own adventures for you, in our memorable challenge and adventure events. They are led with sensitivity to the individuals in each group, and with lots of support from our team.

Activities to challenge yourself with come in many forms. Here is a selection of some that we can deliver for you, which we’re sure will give you tangible results in the short and long-term:

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