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London Ambulance Service NHS Trust

We’ve worked with many NHS Trusts over the past fifteen years (ELHT, SWYFT, Cumbria CCG, Watford General Hospital etc) and so whenever a new CQC report is published our team take a keen interest….

The London Ambulance Service came out as ‘Inadequate’ on their recent inspection….but just look at all the green bits. Notice something?

They’re the ‘people’ elements. The actual teams at the ‘coal face’ doing the day to day work. Actually makes for good reading.

This is a trait we’ve seen with all manner of NHS teams across the country – People do actually CARE.

London ambulance CQC results

Half way through November….

The golden colours of Autumn slowly but surely being swept away by Abigail and now Barney.

The Christmas lights switching on up and down the country…

and the rain keeps falling!

Ilkley Floods 15th Nov 15 - 005

This is the old Toll bridge in Ilkley – the normal river level is nearly 4 metres below the bridge!

Team days that make you laugh or cry

HBOS event 11 april 08 12276

Sometimes we can glance at something, somebody or a situation and because it’s just a glance we don’t get the full picture…

Is the lady on the ropes course team day in the picture above happy or sad? Uneasy or comfortable?

Without being there and being present and in the ‘moment’ we’ll never know… (but I do though..!)