About Fire Events – What makes us different?

About Fire Events - What makes us different? Help your organisation improve individual working skills build team performance increase overall productivity.

About Fire Events – What makes us different?

Find out about what makes us different enough to stand out from other Team Development providers. Why should you trust Fire Events?

Fire Events has a wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise. We design, create and implement team building events and team away-days, management development programmes and conference events. What makes us different is that we care to make a difference.

What makes us different? We were established in 1998 as a corporate development training company with a fresh approach; although our background was firmly rooted in the adventurous outdoor world, we have never believed in putting individuals through pointless, embarrassing or dangerous activities and have applied our knowledge and understanding of human psychology to develop relevant and useful facilitation, to give you all a value-added experience. Our goal has always been to help people to face challenges and increase feelings of confidence, improve their interpersonal skills and understand how they may work better as part of a team. Indeed our own team hails from varied backgrounds, allowing us to put to use an exciting combination of strengths. That’s what makes us different. And it’s a difference which shines through in the smiles of people who attend our events from all walks of life.

What else makes us different? We have been operating as Fire Events Ltd since August 2002. Right from the start we could draw on a range of first-hand experiences of working within groups, often in challenging environments, to achieve ambitious goals – many of our team have led expeditions to some of the globe’s most hostile environments – yet we also have experience of being employed in both public and private establishments, so can relate to the pressures faced in these circumstances. Since these early days, we have been privileged to support just about every kind of organisation, both in the corporate world and in public sector. Being asked to support the development of many different characters and personalities in a range of settings means that we’ve learned a thing or two about barriers to high performance and how they can be tackled. We know what makes people tick, and what makes them happy, productive and successful. We understand what conditions foster cooperation and teamwork, and in what situations people feel defeated and unable to give their best. We can help you move your people from ‘good’ to ‘exceptional’.

What continues to make Fire Events different? It is from this learning that our company has evolved, and continues to evolve, from our small one-man-band beginnings to the thriving business that we are today. We never stop reflecting, refining, researching and representing the very best that team development has to offer. You’re in safe hands.

Our base is on the southern edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, in Ilkley. It is a fantastic location, and allows us to utilise the network of country house hotels and manor houses locally to host events, not to mention the areas of outstanding beauty that are close by. We also have links with many equally attractive venues and activity centres throughout the UK, from the New Forest right up to the Scottish Highlands and beyond. We’ll go wherever people need us.

We have brand new purpose-built offices, and a team-game manufacturing facility. Our two thousand square foot manufacturing workshop allows us to design and create our very own team games, problem-solving tasks and team exercises for use on our events, so you won’t see many of them out on the general market; we can make bespoke games just for you, which effectively simulate work situations and meet your development needs exactly.