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“I wanted to say a huge thank you for Friday's event. I believe our whole team loved the entire day and I had a string of compliments about the venue, the activities and various other aspects.”

Dan Hare, Reapit, London, England.


Designed and created just for you, your teams and your objectives.

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"The cave really is dark, the water really is cold, the distances between comfort breaks are long, arduous and real."
Simon Gwynne,
Lloyds Banking Group
Decision Wheel Challenge
3 Peaks area Yorkshire Dales


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“My team have done a great job this year – Let’s celebrate!”

“I wish I could motivate my team…” 

“My team need to go that extra mile.” 

“We need to communicate better”

“I need to build an ethos of real team working and high performance. Help!”

“We must improve our leadership skills.”

“Our office is being merged with another – people are anxious. What now?”

“We have so many changes ahead of us, and we feel overwhelmed.”

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Team Building Events designed to challenge your teams and make them perform better…

"Thank you for pulling together such a brilliant away day...
the New Forest Challenge was a resounding success!"

Claire Owen,
StopGap, London


Moving your team to a better place

Can’t believe we got the record on Flat Pack – who’d have thought we could go from 45 minutes down to sub 10 seconds!”
Mike Mandola,
Nucleus Global, London


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