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Team Building & Corporate Events

Want to motivate and engage your teams? Want to build a culture of real team working and high performance?

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Fire Events can help you and we can put the fun, adventure, inspiration and challenge back into team-building. Individuals can stretch themselves and discover hidden strengths. Teams and groups will experience that working as a team helps them to overcome obstacles and achieve things they never thought possible. The strategies they learn at our events and training programmes will result in teams that are more open, more resilient and more dynamic back at the workplace.

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Our highly experienced event leaders, instructors and facilitators will work with your people, your teams and your whole organisations in order to design fresh, unique events and training programmes that deliver real results to make your teams more productive and achieve more.

Each event or team building day is individually designed with your key objectives and your key themes in mind so as to meet your specific needs. These needs may simply be boosting the morale and motivation within your teams or it may be truly engaging your people at your annual conference so as to impart your key messages and your vision.

Why Choose Fire Events?

We design our team events and programmes around you...

We understand that your needs are going to be unique, and that you want an event that meets your own objectives. Money’s tight, and we pride ourselves on not wasting your precious training budget.

We work in close partnership with you to make sure we get it right. We spend time listening to you and getting to know your business. Only then do we design your event or training programme, once we are clear about what outcomes you want, the numbers of delegates, your timescales, your comfort zones – all this will vary between groups and organisations.

We have our own manufacturing workshop, and the ability to make and design the materials for activities and games. So if you don’t see an activity or challenge that suits you on our website, we can make one from scratch.

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We provide a path from one-off events to long-term development...

Once you enter into a partnership with us, we can offer you a whole raft of options that can build on our initial work with you. Because we work with our sister company, Tangram Training, we can offer a pathway for your organisation to follow, from punchy, focussed team-building events right through to high-level complex training packages that will lead your team towards excellence, and create outstanding, dynamic leaders within your organisation. Few events companies can offer such a breadth of expertise, and such a variety of team development tools.

We can offer in-depth Team Profiling, to help you design these more detailed programmes of training, ensuring that they hit the spot, and focus on the areas you want them to. We can take individuals on a similar journey too, with our Leadership Development packages.

We have the right people...

Our team has years of experience in training and leading events which are exciting, effective and lots of fun. We have extensive experience in the world of physical challenge and adventure, because we have people who have led expeditions into wild landscapes across the globe on our team. We also have people with knowledge and expertise about how businesses and organisations work, and how they can best learn and develop. This combination gives us the edge in designing relevant, dynamic and realistic events and training.

We believe that experiential learning, physical and mental challenges and adventure-based activities can make all the difference to your organisation. We have the right people to make that happen.